Is it Necessary to Homeschool Preschoolers?

Is it necessary to start homeschooling your 3-4+ year old child? It all depends on you because you are the parent and know your child better. There are certain things that would be better for a kid to know before starting Kindergarten, but ultimately, you should be the one deciding what those are. There are many different books and online articles about this subject, but none of them is a requirement. Also, preschool doesn't need to be taught in the traditional way, but it is nice to have some type of curriculum and/or assessment sheet to better monitor what your child is learning. Some people teach better with direction and when organized.

When exactly should you start if you choose to homeschool your preschooler?
Start whenever your child is ready. We often forget that children are born curious and learners. Just make learning natural and fun; your child will guide you on how far he/she would like to go. At this tender age, don't make learning strict, and certainly NEVER compare your child to other children. Every child develops differently. Some people start teaching their children as early as 2 years or less.

Should preschoolers learn how to read?
I personally do not believe this is the time to learn how to read, unless of course the child shows some type of interest. You are free to introduce it, but do not force your child if he/she shows no interest or finds it difficult. You may hear of or see children much younger who know how to read, but do not let that distract you if your child doesn't seem ready. Letter sound and recognition is more than enough at this age group. You may even introduce early writing by teaching your child to trace and write some letters. Besides writing, it is also very good for fine motor skills (ability to better control small muscle movements).

I've put together an assessment sheet for Muslim preschoolers that may help you have an idea of what your preschooler should know before Kindergarten. You do not need to follow it strictly.
I have a complete preschool curriculum package currently available which you can purchase to help ease your journey in shaa Allah.

Click HERE to download the free PDF file of the Muslim Preschool Assessment sheet.

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