FREE 2023-2024 Muslim Homeschooling Planner

When it comes to homeschooling, I like when my planner is as simple as possible but still includes all the elements that I believe would make planning a success for me.

I recently made one for my 2023-2024 homeschool year and wanted to share with others who may benefit. It doesn't have the usual week by week planner because I prefer check-marking lessons as we go through the year. It does however have year-at-a-glance, monthly planner and much more.

Anyone can use it; Muslim or not. The pages with Qur'an verses can be omitted. 

Here's the list of contents:

  • Homeschool Information
  • Year-at-a-Glance Calendar
  • Attendance
  • Brain Dump/Ideas
  • Goals
  • Expenses
  • Other Resources
  • Year Overview
  • Curriculum Overview
  • Curriculum Progress
  • Circle Time Checklist
  • Names of Allah Checklist
  • Book List
  • Weekly Schedule
  • Monthly Planner
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The free homeschooling planner has some ayaat from the Qur'an and pages for you to add your quote of the month. It starts from September 2023 and ends with August 2024.
The days of the week start from Sunday and the weekends are Friday and Saturday. You can easily customize it to your liking by covering words with washi tapes. You don't have to use all the pages. Do what works for you by using whatever you need, mixing with other planners or customizing it.

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Number of pages: 84

Kindly share the link of this blog post (NOT the pdf file) with others whom it may help.

Also, please, kindly share your feedback and let me know if this planner benefitted you. It's very important for me to know how well my resources work for others and what I can work on. It allows me to create better resources in-shaa-Allah. You can make a difference by simply sharing your experience.

May Allah help us all make great use of this planner and benefit our families.