Free Children's Book: I Am a Muslim


Reading is very important for child as it helps them learn, develop their brain, and increase their vocabulary. But of course, it depends on the type of books they read. For Muslim kids, it is crucial for them to be exposed to books that familiarize them with basic knowledge of Islam because Islam is a comprehensive way of life. If you're a Muslim parent looking to stock your child's bookshelf, I believe this book would be a good addition inShaa Allah.

'I Am a Muslim' is book that I put together for Muslim children around ages 3-8. It can be used for any age group depending on whether is it being read to the child or the child reads it him/herself.
This book is pretty much about a six-year-old boy named Umar who shares what he has learned about Islam. Umar loves spending quality time with his mother, and their favorite thing to talk about is Islam. He loves sharing whatever knowledge he gains.

Umar talks about Tawheed (the Oneness of Allah), pillars of Islam, pillars of Emaan, and few other aspects of Islam. It is a book that doesn't go into too many details, but enough to learn the basics of Islam inShaa Allah. After reading, there are 10 questions at the end of the book for interaction and making sure that the child understood the book.

Enjoy the book, and please let me know if you find any mistake as I'm only a human being who sometimes errs. Anything good is from Allah, and the mistakes are from none but myself. May Allah make this book beneficial.

How to print and gather the book: (PDF file already in Booklet form)

- Print on A4 sheets
- Set printer to borderless for better result
- Print cover and back pages on paper-stock (i.e. 160 or 200 GSM)
- Use a long arm stapler to facilitate the stapling process


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Ramadhan Qur'an Reading Challenge

Do you want to challenge yourself this Ramadhan 1438/2017? What about a Qur'an reading challenge to finish reading the whole Qur'an? Ramadhan is the month in which the Qur'an was revealed. It is also a blessed month during which we should increase our ibadah (worship) and maximize the rewards from Allah and seek forgiveness and the pleasure of Allah.

"The month of Ramadhan [is that] in which was revealed the Qur'an, a guidance for the people and clear proofs of guidance and criterion..." Surah Al Baqarah 2:185

The Qur'an is divided into 30 parts. If you read one part (juz') a day (about 20 pages), you should be able to finish reading the Qur'an by the end of Ramadhan inShaa Allah.
To make it even easier, read 4 pages after every salah. 
If needed, reading the translation may help you understand what you read. For even better understanding, try reading the tafsir of each page you read. If all of this is too much at once, you can focus on only reading the Qur'an for now. If you also find that difficult to achieve right now, you can listen to a recitation instead. The goal is to get closer to the Qur'an inShaa Allah. 

Below is a printable to record your progress. You can either directly write on it after printing, or laminate it and write with a dry erase marker.

Free Beginning Letter Sound Activities

It's important for early readers or learners to understand the concept of beginning letter sounds. It makes reading not only earlier, but also more fluent. The best way to do this is by first introducing the alphabet phonetically. So instead of your child learning the letter 'A' as we know it, teach him/her the sound of the letter; 'aa'. 
Example: 'aa'pple (apple)

Once the child learns and recognises letter sounds, it would make it much easier to also recognise the beginning letter of words. As a result, spelling and decoding words becomes earlier for the child inShaa Allah.
Below is the printable for three beginning letter sound activities that you can use with your child once he/she has mastered the phonetic alphabet.
Print the activities on A4 sheets, and laminate them for duration. You may also use sheet protectors instead. Play by using lowercase wooden or plastic alphabet letters, and using a dry erase marker.
I hope this would benefit you and your child inShaa Allah.


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