FREE Printable E-Book: Alhamdulillah for Everything

I've written a children's book titled "Alhamdulillah for Everything." I've had this book for some time now and my daughter loves it. It is a free downloadable PDF printable. It is for children of all ages, but especially around the 4-6+ age range. But honestly, even at a much younger age, it is important for children to just be read to, even if they may seem not to fully understand. It helps develop their vocabulary, and they learn many other things.

Click the yellow highlighted title for the file. Please be sure to read the Terms of Use of this book and kindly respect it.
The e-book is set up in a booklet format and the pages are displayed on the PDF file exactly the way they will be downloaded if the right selections are made.

Print Format (make sure to):
  1. Select paper size A4
  2. Select "Print on Both Sides of Paper"
  3. Select "Flip on Short Edge"

Printing and Stapling the Book:
(You may put the book together however you prefer. I will share a suggestion which may help you or someone else.)
  1. Print the pages on maybe 130 GSM paper for strength and better duration of the book. The average paper is 75 GSM just to give you an idea. As for the cover and back page, you may want to try a more solid paper like 200 GSM.
  2. Laminate the pages to make the book waterproof and damage-proof for a lengthy amount of time using a laminating machine or a self-adhesive laminator.
  3. Cut to size using a pair of scissors or paper trimmer, and collect the pages in a booklet format following the page numbers and staple them together from the middle sides using a long armed stapler to reach the middle.
There you have it; a new self-printed book. If you print and read the book, I would love to hear your opinion/review inShaa Allah. You are free to also share an image of the printed book if you prefer.

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  1. May Allah reward you for your efforts and time
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  2. . Not only people following the Quran do so but also people who do their research and study work on religion prefer studying the Quran in its most pristine form. There is a certain kind of rhythm that is associated with Quran and it only comes while reading it in Arabic and no other language.Quran

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