Free Beginning Letter Sound Activities

It's important for early readers or learners to understand the concept of beginning letter sounds. It makes reading not only earlier, but also more fluent. The best way to do this is by first introducing the alphabet phonetically. So instead of your child learning the letter 'A' as we know it, teach him/her the sound of the letter; 'aa'. 
Example: 'aa'pple (apple)

Once the child learns and recognises letter sounds, it would make it much easier to also recognise the beginning letter of words. As a result, spelling and decoding words becomes earlier for the child inShaa Allah.
Below is the printable for three beginning letter sound activities that you can use with your child once he/she has mastered the phonetic alphabet.
Print the activities on A4 sheets, and laminate them for duration. You may also use sheet protectors instead. Play by using lowercase wooden or plastic alphabet letters, and using a dry erase marker.
I hope this would benefit you and your child inShaa Allah.


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