Limited FREEBIES: Course Curriculum Planner

If you're a homeschooler or plan on homeschooling, then you know that failing to plan is to plan to fail. Planning is very crucial when it comes to almost everything in life. As an educator, the last thing you want is to start looking for what to cover for the day at the last minute. The best thing is having the whole week, month, or even months planned to save time and avoid mental torture. If you're looking for a free planner, then this printable may be for you.

There are many different types of planners on the net, and each person is looking for something different that suits his/her needs. This planner is specifically for planning individual courses at a time. If you are a home educator who prefers setting up her own curricula instead of out-of-the-box curricula, then I believe this planner would be perfect for you depending on how you plan. It could also be used for a ready-made curriculum if you plan on not strictly following the curriculum planner. You can also use it to mix a ready-made curriculum with supplementary resources.

How to use this planner:
1. Print as many copies of each sheet depending on how many courses you wish to plan for.
2. Write the information of the course such as the name of the course, the grade level, year, goals for the course, resources you plan on using, total cost, and a detailed description of the course.
3. Make a yearly plan for each month using the yearly planner page. Write down the lessons you wish to cover for each month, and resources to go to.
4. On the monthly planner page, write in much more details the lesson you wish to cover for each week and days of the week (i.e. books, pages).
5. You may use this planner as your only homeschooling planner or additionally use a weekly planner for multiple courses while referring to your planned courses from this planner.
6. You can also use this planner as an independent learners' planner. If you have bigger kids who learn independently, they can use this planner (after you have written the course details) and check the accomplished lessons as they go.

*You can laminate the pages to reuse them multiple times if you wish. You can also write on it using erasable pens.

How I plan on using this planner:
1. Plan out all my courses using this planner since I prefer making my own curricula.
2. Use a weekly planner for multiple courses for my day to day planner; but refer to my course planner to see what the next lessons throughout the year are inShaa Allah.

I hope this planner will benefit you inShaa Allah. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me and I will respond as soon as possible inShaa Allah.

(Sorry, freebie no longer available)

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