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Sequencing is a very important skill to start learning at a young age. It is a crucial part of our every day that comes in many different forms such as language, reading, logic, following directions, telling stories, and more. Much attention should be given to these simply everyday life skills at a young age because the lack of can result in huge negative impact later on in adult years. Think about Math and engineering for example; they have a lot to do with sequencing, but it all starts with very basic skills such as the ones previously mentioned. Let's focus on the basics right now; you want your child to be able to follow simple instructions, speak well, read well, and obtain other basic skills. So, start introducing activities, toys, and fun games to help your child strengthen his/her sequencing skills. Here's a printable I put together that I'd love to share with you.

This activity is simple and can be used on the go.

How to prepare it:
  • Print both sheets on A4 paper cardstocks
  • Cut and laminate them
  • Make holes at the left upper corner of each card using a hole puncher
  • Put the cards together using a binding ring
If you don't currently have a laminator or your laminator isn't working at the moment for whatever reason and would like to still prepare this activity, you can always use clear duct tape. It may or may not look perfect. Here is how it may look:
How to play:
  • Say the name of each object or person, then ask your child to say the name of the missing one by asking "What's next?"
  • Give your child a dry erase marker to circle the one missing
  • Redo this as many times as you like because the cards can be wiped clean
You really don't need anything fancy to teach sequencing. There are many ways to do this. Here are some:
  • Using blocks by putting one color after the other (example: red, blue, red, blue, red....what's next?)
  • Using cups or any other child-friendly object to do the same as above
  • Making simple recipes such as fruit salad. Do step by step and emphasize on the steps you're taking next. Ask your child to help. Example: First, we wash the fruits, next, we cut them into small pieces, etc...
  • While reading a book, ask your child what he/she thinks is next in the story. Example: The apple fell on the monkey's head. What do you think happened next?
Ok, I think you got the point. If not, feel free to ask if you have any questions.
I hope this printable will be useful for your child in shaa Allah.

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