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I hope you're all doing well in shaa Allah. I have another planner/journal for you. This time, it's a full journal for both Muslim men and women. I believe we need to make planning and productivity an essential part of our lives. Some people use technology to do so, but there are still many people who prefer writing on paper. Wheven I try journaling using apps or software, I always find myself back with a pen and paper. So, here it is; a nice and complete journal for Muslims who want to be productive.

Planning is important for everyone; especially parents! It becomes more crucial when parenting comes along with being an educator, and... an entrepreneur. One person can only take on all these hats with extra planning or journaling. Journaling helps in having something to look back and see what was done right or wrong, and what needs to change. I find myself much more productive everytime I plan and write in a journal. There are two covers in this journal; one for the Muslim, and the other for the Muslimah. Let me give you more details.

Page Size: A5 ( 8.27 x 5.83 inches)
Journal contains:
  • 2 covers (one for the Muslim and the other for the Muslimah)
  • A "This Journal Belongs to" page
  • 2 pages of the journal x 4 (to be printed as many times as needed)
  • Copyright page
  • Back page

The two pages of the journal contain: 
  • Date
  • Upon waking up and going to sleep du'a check boxes
  • Adhkar check boxes
  • Salah check boxes
  • Favorite Ayah/hadith
  • To do list
  • Goals/extra daily habits
  • Gratitude lines
  • Qur'an/hadith lines
  • Great things that happened
  • Things learned
  • Things to do better next time
  • Extra notes
  • Rating stars

Price: £15.99 on Ihsaan Home Academy Shop
CLICK HERE to buy.

I hope you'll like it and find it useful. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me in shaa Allah.


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