FREE Printable - Beginning Letter Sounds and Recognition - Letters A-B


When teaching children how to read, one of the crucial steps is to make sure they understand the concept of beginning letter sounds. Once they matter this, they aren't far from reading. I believe the hardest part of reading is understanding that letters make sounds, when they come together, they make words, and that's how we get meaningful words, sentences, and stories. After learning the alphabet, learning beginning letters of words makes it easier for children to start reading. It is often difficult for some children to grasp this concept, but once they do, everything starts falling into places.

I have some free beginning letters activity printables available on this blog, but this one (Beginning Letter Sounds and Recognition) is a little different. This activity book has three parts to it. One is where images are displayed and students point to the ones that start with the given letter of the page, the second part is where students draw an image that starts with the letter, and the third part is where they trace the letter. This activity is simple and yet packed with multiple beneficial features.

Benefits of this activity:
  1. Helps children master their alphabet letters
  2. Helps with learning the beginning sounds of words
  3. Helps strengthen children's fine motor skills (i.e. holding pen/pencil) 
  4. Helps children improve in art (i.e. drawing, imagination)
  5. Helps children improve in writing 

All 26 letters will be available to you for free. As I finish the project, I will upload the pages I work on in shaa Allah, then you'd be free to download them. Once the project finishes, subscribers will have the opportunity to download the whole book with all the pages together in shaa Allah. So if you're not yet subscribed, subscribed by clicking the red button on the upper right corner of this blog to gain access to the subscribers' page when a new post is uploaded.

More activity info:
  • A4 landscape
  • Can be laminated for better duration and for multiple uses

I hope this activity will benefit your students/children. If you have any questions, feel free to comment below.


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