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Doing pattern activities is another way for early learners to exercise logic and boost their ability to solve problems and comprehend simple and even advanced instructions. There's no particular age when it would be appropriate to introduce such activities to toddlers. Every child is different, and therefor, develops at his/her own pace. Introduce this activity to your children from maybe the age or 3, demonstrate the game, and allow them to play around with it until they begin to understand.

This activity comes in two pages. One is the activity mat and the other has the colorful circles used to play.

How to assemble it:
  • Print both pages on A4 sheets
  • Laminate the mat using a laminator and laminating pouch
  • Laminate the sheet with the circles as well, after cutting the pieces
  • You are free to use pom poms instead of the printable circles.

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How to play it:
  1. Put the mat on a flat surface
  2. Look at the sample above the empty circles to imitate the same patterns on the mat
  3. Follow the patterns using the printable circles or colorful pom poms
I hope this printable will benefit your child, in shaa Allah.

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Umm Sumayyah is a mother of two and a former teacher who turned into a home educator after becoming a mother. She is also an editor and a researcher who loves collecting and sharing information on social matters, education, career, and entrepreneurship.


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