Inspired - Muslimah Productivity Life Planner

Assalaam alaikum warahmatullah wabarakatuh!

It's been a while that I published a blog post. Well, let's just say that I had a lot on my plate.
As home educators, especially to early learners, it can be a roller-coaster of trials and errors. My biggest challenge was organizing myself properly without feeling overwhelmed. So, I decided to create a life planner that encompasses everything to help me do exactly that.

I would like to present to you Inspired - Muslimah Productivity Life Planner.

This planner took lots of planning, thoughts, research and effort. I'm very pleased with the result, so I decided to share it:)
It is a 300-page life planner that was created for Muslim women, mothers and home educators.

The idea first came when I decided to organize myself a bit more. However, I didn't want to divide my attention into multiple planners, notebooks and apps, so I decided to make an all-in-one life planner for myself.

While making it, I thought to myself, "I like how this planner is coming along. Why not share it with other Muslim women who were looking for something similar?" So, I modified it a little to leave more room for customization.

With this life planner, you won't need to use multiple notebooks or apps to stay organized.

Here some of the content:

1. Home Management (including financial planning, recipe writing and much more)

2. Business Management (vision board, monthly financial planning and much more)

3. Homeschooling Management (resource management, learning goals, reading log and much more)

4. Ramadan Journal and Planner (daily planner, Eid planner with detailed ways to plan and summary)

5. Journal (10-day intensive and guided journal to help you overcome some personal drawbacks/obstacles and see your fullest potential)

6. Year Calendar
(undated calendar for you to fill out by looking at any calendar for the year you need).

7. Year at a Glance

8. Monthly Planner

9. Weekly Planner (urgent to-dos, general to-dos, meal planning, mood tracker, daily habit tracker, grocery list, general shopping list, reminders for the week or next and notes for weekly summary)

10. Notes


1. Undated (you can use this life planner any month or year. If you don't use it right away, you won't have to purchase another)

2. Black & White Version or Colorful Version (the simple black & white version of the planner is much more affordable and gives you the chance to create your own theme color. The colorful version is bright and simple and still leaves room for additional customizable theme colors)

3. Perfect-Bound (the planner is a paperback book with perfect bound, so it's durable yet flexible enough to use it on flat surfaces)

4. All-Included (home, business, homeschool, Ramadan, & more)

5. Inspiring Quotes (you'll fine lots of uplifting quotes and reminders throughout the planner)

6. How to Use It

7. Decorate as you please

8. More Editions to Come (in shaa Allah)

How I Prepared and Decorated My Planner:

I kept my life planner very simple. Here are a few things I added:

1. Tabs: I used paperclips and hot-glued laminated papers on them. I added the tabs on each major parts of the planner that I would like to easily find.

2. Pen Holder: I used a foldback paper clip, hot glued a piece of large elastic band at the top (one side at a time) and secured the paper clip on the back cover of the planner. I made sure the elastic band had enough space for a pen to be put in.

3. Bookmarks: I made two different bookmarks. One is a paper clip with a ribbon hot glued on it. You can also use buttons or anything else you find beautiful. For the second one, I used a cord/ribbon, glued one side at the back of the planner and brought the rest to the page I intend to bookmark (weekly planner). I added beads at the end of the cord/ribbon.

4. Pocket: I laminated some laminating sheets with glitters in them, cut them, glued them on the inside of the cover page using a glue gun and put washi-tapes around for more decoration. I made two pockets, a small and a big one.

5. Closer: I used a white elastic band and glued both sides on the back cover of the planner. To close the planner, I simply pull the elastic band towards the front cover.

6. Year Calendar: I made a 2020-2021 calendar and glued it on the Year Calendar empty page. Fill out the calendar.

7. Theme Design/Colors: You may use washi tapes as theme designs for each month.

You can look on Youtube for more ideas on planner/journal decoration. 

Please, don't forget to leave a review of how you found the planner. It would help me to continuously improve and help others know what they would be getting.

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