Ihsaan Home Academy Compilation
Please Note: I do NOT necessarily approve of all the information found in the resources that I share. I have no way to verify everything. I only share what I think may have some useful knowledge or tips to help you ease your homeschooling experience, inShaa Allah. I verify and/or modify (when needed) what I use, one by one. So it is your responsibility to do the same and be sure you know exactly what you're teaching your children. You are under no obligation to only use the resources that I share here as I'm only sharing what I find along the way. This may NOT be a complete subject curriculum. If you find better, please use it and share it with us if you do not mind. There are lots of free resources out there that you can use to either supplement your homeschooling or use as a main curriculum if it is complete and lives up to your expectations. Either way, it may help you save lots of money because unless specified, everything under this tab is FREE. Just select the resources that interest you, and make lesson plans. Please download the materials immediately; even if you are not using them now. Sometimes links may change, and the file may not be available at the current link.
*I may have some resources that I will not share here because I have the PDF files and no longer the links. I do not remember where I got them from, so for copyright reasons, I believe it would be best not to upload them directly to my site unless permission is given by the owner. I will do my best to find the links, inShaa Allah.

(Nature, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, ...)

Grade 1
Textbooks, Activities, and Workbooks

Grade 2
Textbooks, Activities, and Workbooks

Grade 3
Textbooks, Activities, and Workbooks

Grade 4
Textbooks, Activities, and Workbooks

Grade 5
Textbooks, Activities, and Workbooks

Grade 6
Textbooks, Activities, and Workbooks

Grade 7

Grade 8

Other Resources
Natural Science and Technology (Grades 4-6)
CPO Focus on Life Science (PDF)
K-8 Science
Life Science (PDF, student edition)
Physical Science (PDF, interactive reader)
List of Free Science Texts 
Holt Chemistry (PDF)
Middle School Chemistry
Khan Academy Chemistry
Khan Academy Organic Chemistry 
Chem4Kids (Chemistry for Kids)
George Public Broadcasting Chemistry 
GPBC Chemistry Matters
Virtual Chemistry Lab
Khan Academy Biology
Kids Biology
Online Biology Book 
List of Biology Texts
Khan Academy Cosmology and Astronomy
Health and Medicine
Glencoe Chemistry (PDF)
Glencoe Chemistry Lab (PDF)
Physics Textbook (PDF)
Physics and Chemistry Worksheets 
Physics Quizzes, Games, etc 
Khan Academy Physics
More Physics Worksheets 
Kid's Science 
*K-12 Animated Science Storybooks  
Science for kids (PDF)
Next Generation Science Standards (PDF, K-12 Integrating Science, Math, and Technology)
Standard Science Curriculum (PDF, K-12)
More Science Resources

Games, Activities, Projects
Preschool Science Project Ideas 
More Preschool Science Project Ideas 
Physics Games 
Middle School Games


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