3 Crucial Points to Consider for a Successful Homeschooling Journey

The idea of homeschooling can sometimes seem intimidating to many parents no matter how many children they have or when they start. However, by default, every parent is a teacher to his/her children. But it only gets deeper when educating becomes more formal and full time. Whether you have one child at the preschool age or multiple children at different grade levels, I would like to share three important things which I believe would help make a successful homeschooling journey inShaa Allah. 
Prayer/Du'a (Supplication)
As Muslims, after intentions, du'a (supplication) to Allah is the most important step to everything we do in life. All we can do is to do the best we can, but only Allah can make everything possible. Everyone is different and has different circumstances in life, so what works for one person may not necessarily work for another. We have to take everything in consideration, pray about it, and not compare ourselves to others around us. 

Patience is VERY important as parenting in of itself can be very trying. Now adding full time homeschooling to that takes it to another level. Without patience, it is easy to turn something so wonderful into a complete nightmare. As a home educator to your children, you don't need to follow the educational system step by step. Listen to your children and pay attention to their learning style. Focus on what's best for you and your children; which can only be done when you're patient and observant. 


Don't just give up when things start to be challenging or frustrating. Think about your goals and why you decided to start homeschooling. The best things in life aren't usually acquired easily. And it may seem challenging at the beginning, but once you get into a routine, you may start seeing things ease up a bit. It doesn't mean that it would always be a piece of cake afterwards, it just means that you'd figure out better ways to make it work for you and your children even on those tough days. You can also join homeschooling groups online or locally for encouragement from other home educators, learn tips, and share your experience. If you have supportive family members or friends, talk to them or ask for help (if possible) whenever you feel overwhelmed. And most importantly, again, keep making du'a. 

I hope you found these few tips helpful. 
May Allah grant all homeschoolers a successful homeschooling journey.



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