5 Reasons Why You Probably Should Start Homeschooling Early

If you're reading this, it's most likely because you're either trying to learn more about homeschooling or are already homeschooling and want to see what other home educators are doing (for inspirations or ideas).

Home education is becoming very popular now as parents try to look for a better alternative to the conventional school for their children. However, the thought of educating their own children sometimes intimidates many parents; especially if they don't have an education background.

I believe that one of the best ways to get rid of that fear is by starting early. Of course, not every parent took the homeschooling route when their children were 2, 3, 4, or 5. Those with younger children often wonder if they should start homeschooling that early. Let me give you five reasons why I think it may help to start early.

1. Starting early can help you get rid of the initial fear because there's less to do
Teaching preschool is not complicated; at least not the way it's sometimes made to seem. Once you actually start homeschooling, you'd know that. Since the requirements are less at this age group, you won't feel overwhelmed once you start. Besides, you really do NOT have to use printables, activity books, and worksheets to homeschool this age if you do not want to or if it doesn't work for your child!

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2. It helps you figure out the best way to educate your child
 This is the stage when you start doing research and take your own approach. Because there is less pressure at this age, you have a lot of room to test different approaches to learning. You'd feel less guilty if you decide to quit a method that didn't work for your child.

3. It helps your child associate education to everyday life
Who said homeschooling is all about sitting on a chair and writing on a desk? Make home education fun! And when is the best time to have fun learning? The preschool years for sure ...
Parents are educators by nature; we just don't usually claim it. Homeschooling can be counting from 1 to 10 while walking up the stairs, observing the worms and other creatures in the garden and discussing it, walking for half an hour to stay fit, spashing paint on a paper-wall, playing 'I spot' (a game of calling out different objects and figuring out where they are), and much more!

4. It prepares you for what's to come later
As I've said before, this is also the time to do as much research as you can. Once you have an idea of what you want and think is better for your child, you'd be better prepare. It doesn't mean you can't change your approach later, but at least you'd have a general idea.

5. It helps you decide early on if homeschooling is for you
After trying and feeling that homeschooling may not be for you, moving on would be much easier when your children are younger.

You see, just because you're starting 'homeschooling' early doesn't mean it has to look like a "school." Have fun with it and make it fun for your children. And no, you do NOT have to teach for eight hours a day! If it takes you twenty minutes a day to make a point across, great! If it takes you an hour, why not. I just want you to know that homeschooling is what you make it to be. Have fun with it, in shaa Allah.
Umm Sumayyah is a mother of two and a former teacher who turned into a home educator after becoming a mother. She is also an editor and a researcher who loves collecting and sharing information on social matters, education, career, and entrepreneurship.


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