6 Steps to Creating Unit Studies + 110 Unit Studies Ideas for Homeschooling + Free Printables

In the previous blog post, we talked about what unit studies are along with other methods of homeschooling. So hopefully, you now have an idea of how you may want to start your homeschool journey if you're totally new. I'd like to delve a little more into unit studies because I believe it's one of the most effective and fun ways of homeschooling.

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Before listing the ideas for unit studies, let's first talk about some ways to gather all the information needed to plan your unit study.

1. Get a planner to record everything
Find a planner, notebook, or a digital notebook/planner to write down everything you'd be doing to form your unit study. Make sure it's something you can easily understand and is visually clear for you.

2. Write down your goals
Before deciding on a unit study, think about what exactly you want out of the subject. What are your objectives? What do you want your child to gain from it? It could be a theme that your child chose. Maybe he/she wants to learn about butterflies, horses, thunder, whatever it may be.

3. Decide what subjects the unit study will incorporate
If your chosen theme is 'Mauritania' for example, figure out how it would cover Geography, Science, Math, Literature/Language Arts, etc. Will is cover all subjects or only a few? How would you tackle the remaining subjects if the unit study doesn't include them?

In this example, the main unit is 'countries', and the sub-unit is 'Mauritania.' For Geography, you can talk about the location, map, bodies of water around or in it, etc. For History, you can talk about the history of Mauritania, how it was formed, the ancient languages, early immigration, and more. For Literature, you can read a book about the country; whatever the topic is. For Social Studies, you can talk about the everyday life of the people, neighborhood, cultures and languages. For Economics, you could cover money and consumerism in the country and various other things.
I hope you get the point.

4. Figure out how long it would last
Decide on the duration of the unit. It could be a week, a month, a few months, or even the whole year if you want. Unit studies may focus on one main topic, but they do cover many other things.

5. Gather resources
Where do you plan on taking your resources? You can borrow books from the library or swap books with friends, get free printables online, buy printables, buy storybooks, get textbooks,  get living books, get ideas from magazines, audiobooks, audio files, videos, and more!

6. Crafts and field trips
It's also useful to incorporate crafts and field trips in your unit studies. This will help your children retain the information even more.

Get DIY ideas from Pinterest, from books or creative children's magazines, or make up your own.
You can also go on community group/family trips to farms, museums, you name it.
Be creative, think, and research!

Now let's get to the unit study list.

Unit Studies Ideas
*Islamic Studies*
1- Qur'an
2- Muslims around the world
3- Ramadhan and Eid
4- Hajj and Eid Al Adha
5- Umrah
6- Islam
7- Righteous Believers
8- Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.)
9- Prophet Musa (a.s.)
10- Prophets
11- Creation
12- Sahabah
13- Names of Allah
14- Love (marriage, friendship, etc)
15- Du'a
16- Hadith

*Character & Manners*
17- Honesty
18- Helping
19- Injustice
20- Kindness
21- Patience
22- Respect
23- Appreciation
24- Sunnah of eating

25- Painting
26- Drawing
27- Crafts
28- DIYs

*Physical Education*
29- Healthy Living
30- Sports
31- Tennis
32- Basketball
34- Football
35- Soccer
36- Health and safety

37- Cooking
38- Baking
39- Desserts
40- Chocolate
41- Banana
42- Mango

*Science & Environment*
43- Big cats
44- Land animals
45- 5 senses
46- Habitats
47- Planets
48- Matter
49- Energy
50- Motion
51- Rocks
52- Volcanoes
53- Astronauts
54- Mountains
55- Astronomy (planets, sun, moon)
56- Animals
57- Mammals
58- Cats
59- Bears
60- Vertebrates
61- Sea creatures
62- The human body
63- Insects
64- Bugs
65- Bees
66- Ants
67- Butterflies
68- Moths
69- Reptiles
70- Snakes
71- Lizards
72- Amphibians
73- Frogs
74- Seeds
75- Flowers
76- Dandelions
77- Plants
78- Seasons
79- Nature
80- Earth

*History & Social Studies*
81- Creation of Allah
82- Ancient civilization
83- Lost civilizations
84- African civilizations
85- Heroes around the world
86- Muslim inventors
87- Inventors
88- Technology
89- Transportation
90- Vehicles
91- Wars
92- Slavery
93- Our world
94- People
95- Countries
96- Continents
97- Islands
98- My country
99- Leaders
100- Weather

*Clothing & Textiles*
101- Sewing
102- Crochet

103- Business and Money
104- Consumerism
105- Social marketing
106- Digital marketing

107- Writing books
108- Poetry
109- Colors
110- Shapes

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Have fun with your unit studies!
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I wish you all the best. May Allah make it beneficial for us all.
Umm Sumayyah is a mother of two and a former teacher who turned into a home educator after becoming a mother. She is also an editor and a researcher who loves collecting and sharing information on social matters, education, career, and entrepreneurship.


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