Assalaam 'alaikum warahmatullah wabarakatuh

Welcome to Ihsaan Home Academy. 

If you're a home educator or planning on starting homeschooling, you may start HERE for resources and information. 

If you still need assistance and would like to work with someone experienced with early learning homeschooling, I'd be more than glad to help, in shaa Allah. 

I often get emails from people needing extra help and I do my best to answer as many questions as I can. 

Sometimes, parents even request to speak with me one-on-one and I kindly decline to focus on mainly answering questions through emails. 

As a busy mother and educator, giving more of my time online can be challenging. I already have lots of information on my blog and do my best to answer questions by email as well. However, I understand that homeschooling can be daunting for new educators and they find it easier to have someone guide them step-by-step.  

So, I've now decided to start a mentoring program in which I will assist homeschooling mothers (or aspiring homeschooling mothers) on their journeys. For now, my focus will be on early learning (only Preschool and Kindergarten).

I will only accept a limited number of educators throughout the year to allow myself to give my best.

You may ask, "what is mentoring and how will it work?"

Mentoring for me is sharing my experience with you and giving you ideas on how it may work for you. 

After the initial email consultation and payment, we'll figure out where you are on your journey, where you want to be, what your goals for the future are and how I can assist you to figure out the best way to do early learning homeschooling, step by step. You can ask questions and throughout the mentoring program, you'll share what you've been doing and I'll assess it to see how everything is going. 

We can work together by email or through Telegram or Zoom after agreeing on available times. 

Check the mentoring packages below and contact me by email to discuss on how to start.

Mentoring Packages

Email Package

Mentoring by strictly email

  • 1 Month Mentoring
  • 4 Emails

Primer Package

Mentoring by Telegram or Zoom

  • 2 Months Mentoring
  • 2 Calls (30-minutes each)
  • Up to 4 Emails for Extra Support

Silver Package

Mentoring by Telegram or Zoom

  • 4 Months Mentoring
  • 4 Calls (30-minutes each)
  • Up to 8 Emails for Extra Support

Gold Package

Mentoring by Telegram or Zoom

Platinum Package

Mentoring by Telegram or Zoom

Contact me for a free email consultation and for rates/price

info (at) ihsaanhomeacademy(dot)com


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