Free Cut and Glue Activities to Keep Children Busy

As most of us have been quarantining around the world, I'm pretty sure it's been a challenge for many parents to keep their children busy and active. However, with some fun and hands-on activities, you can save your children from boredom and get them excited at home. But today, I'd be sharing only one new secret that has kept my children busy most of the day.

Before proceeding, I'd like to point out that it isn't necessary for children to always be busy. What we consider as boredom can actually be a wonderful opportunity for children to practice being present, aware, relax and even stimulate their imaginations. So allow your children to sometimes figure out ways to entertain themselves.

Now, on to the "secret" activity.
My daughter has been looking forward to going out, since we can't do that just yet, I've been looking for different activities and games for us to do. I was sitting and the idea of cutting came to me. She LOVES cutting and sometimes leaves pieces of papers everywhere. Yea, I don't like that part ...

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So, I thought, "why not make a bundle of shapes and images she would love cutting?" But to take it even further, we could match those images to similar ones by gluing them. It was also an opportunity for the baby to practice cutting as well.

Needless to say, I made the bundle, printed it out and the whole day was full of cutting and gluing for both of my children. The best part was when they ran to me to show their awesome skills. However, not all cut-ups ended up glued; some ended up being used as toys, as I expected.

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The bundle includes:

  • Shapes (perfect for learning shapes for toddlers)
  • Numbers (great for learning numbers)
  • Letters (awesome opportunity to learn some letters)
  • Fruit and Vegetables (an opportunity to learn new ones)
  • Animals (learn new animals for toddlers and play animals and the sounds they make)
  • A Mixture of Images (for extra fun)

Let me know how you find it after using it.
Have fun!

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