Free Card Game for Kids and Families

Playing games is a great way keep children active and excited. It challenged them and pushed them to think critically and be creative.

I was sitting with my family chatting and having fun, and for whatever reason, the thought of playing a game to my mind. I automatically took my laptop and say "I'll make a game!"

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I thought of a one that I used to play when I was a kid but wanted to make it different and a little more fun. Since I couldn't remember the original name, I made one up and called it "Family Card Team Game."

Instead of simple wooden manipulative or rocks, I decided to make colorful cards with images on them.

 Children and adults from the age of five and up can play it. It's also a mind-stimulating game that helps children develop their critical thinking. However, the whole family can plan!

What You Need:

  1. A4 papers
  2. Laminator
  3. Laminating sheets
  4. Scissors 

How to Set the it Up:

  1. Cut out the mat and cards.
  2. Laminate everything for durability.
  3. Stick Velcros behind the cards (optional).

How to Play:
  1. It’s a two-team game (each team can be one or more people).
  2. Choose a team-card.
  3. Decide who will start.
  4. Put the cards in the rectangles (on the mat), one team after the other.
  5. Whoever gets a straight line of the same cards (3) first is the winner!
  6. Start over.
If you play use this card game, please message me to let me know how you found it. If possible, also send me some pictures on instagram at @ihsaanhomeacademy or by email at info (at) ihsaanhomeacademy (dot) com.

Have fun and don't forget to share!

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